Powering the future of decentralized finance

Why Layer2?

our mission

Accelerate the development of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry on scalable blockchains by providing early-stage liquidity to the most promising DeFi projects.

First Mover Advantage

First publicly listed company focused on bridging the new Layer Two Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry with traditional capital markets

World Class Team

Led by a founding team that has been operating in the Decentralized Finance industry since its inception

Unique Business Model

Leveraging the scale afforded by public markets and founding team’s background to rapidly scale into a dominant position within DeFi

introduction to decentralized finance

DeFi encompasses a variety of different blockchain-based financial applications, including:


Non-custodial trading of tokens through automated market maker (AMMs) smart contract pools such as Uniswap, Thorchain, and QuickSwap.


Non-custodial borrowing and lending of crypto tokens through smart contract lending pools such as AAVE and Compound.


Non-custodial trading of synthetic derivatives and prediction markets through projects such as Synthetix, SportX, and FutureSwap.

business overview

These opportunities span across three main verticals:

Liquidity Mining

Forming partnerships with and providing liquidity to newly-formed automated market making (AMM) DeFi pools to earn protocol tokens.

Cross-Chain Lending

Deploying capital across different blockchain lending pools to capture systematic differences in lending rates.

Network Staking and Validation

Staking to help secure new proof-of-stake based blockchain networks.

layer 2 team

Andrew Young is a co-founder of SX Network (SportX) a DeFi prediction market and blockchain. Andrew has been full-time in the crypto space since 2017, specializing in the analysis of economic incentives and tokenomics of new DeFi projects. Andrew regularly engages in DeFi-related podcasts and interviews, and often publishes research reports examining the crypto space.

Jake Hannah is the co-founder of SX Network (SportX) a DeFi prediction market and blockchain. Jake entered the blockchain space full time in 2017 running staking and market making strategies for NextGen Blockchain. Jake currently manages the operations of a DeFi protocol with 25,000 monthly transactions. Jake specializes in the operations of DeFi protocols, including liquidity mining, staking, validating and crypto network infrastructure.

Julian Wilson is the CTO of SX Network and one of the leading layer two blockchain engineers in the world. Julian has designed, built and deployed a network of smart contracts that have facilitated over $100,000,000 in DeFi transactions. Julian is one of the only developers in the world to have built a successful DeFi application and blockchain. He specializes in smart contract development and security.